Site 8

The subject area is experiencing excessive run-on stormwater flows that drain from the Collins Road area to the north. These flows are both concentrated flow in ditches as well as sheet runoff from adjacent residences to the north outside of Stonemeade. The stormwater runoff flows east across the rear yard at 5036 Stonemeade Drive and then runs south between the residence at 5036 and 5032 to the street. While performing field review, one of the property owners of the subject site provided video evidence of the conditions associated with this location which showed water levels approaching the foundation of the residence. During our site review, we also observed signs of high flow between the two homes including removal of landscaping material.

Review of the actual site conditions and the topography contained on the original construction plans for Stonemeade indicate several sources of drainage contribute to the flow at this location. A shallow ditch present along the west boundary of Stonemeade Subdivision appears to be limited in depth to contain the flow within the ditch. Additionally, it appears that a slight high point is present in the rear yard of 5036 and that some flow is draining from this high point, back to the west ditch; however, during high flow, we suspect the ditch may be discharge some flow back into the rear yard. According to the original construction plans, a diversion ditch was to be constructed along the north property line of the tract at 5036 to intercept upland flow from the Collins Road area. There is an existing ditch along the east side of the easement area that runs from the subject tract to Collins Road. This ditch (or swale) was not detailed on the original plans and may have been created during the construction of Stonemeade. A culvert under Collins Road may also be contributing additional flow at this location.

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